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150% increase in data-uptake upon implementing Automatic APN setup.


>100% increase in data-usage upon implementing Automatic APN setup.

- French MVNO

"All MVNOs should be Tweakker enabled"

Glen Jasper, President of Ready Wireless

Simplify your customers' lives with the world’s easiest smartphone help!

Device Guides provide rich and simple smartphone help for 98% of the most commonly used smartphones. And, if that's not enough, you can also add your own content.

With Device Guides everyone can quickly solve their smartphone issues, wherever and whenever.

... and if not, your call center will do it in no time at all with Device Guides at their finger tips.

When your customers are in Google searching for smartphone help, Device Guides provide them a correct answer and take them to your website!

Tweakker is the leading provider of MVNO connectivity solutions. Over 70 MVNOs now use our cloud-based APN setup and Device Guides – the ultimate smartphone knowledge base. 

World’s Number One Customer On-boarding for MVNOs

Solve the BYOD challenge 

Verified device detection and certified OTA settings for all smartphones. Unique coverage for grey-market devices. 

Start fast

Easy to deploy cloud-based integration for all Tweakker solutions.

Pay as you grow

Superior cost efficiency with monthly pay-as-you-grow pricing, no upfront investments.


Accurate device detection and automatic APN setup provides seamless activation of your subscribers, enabling a fast and cost-efficient zero-touch customer on-boarding

Self-care + Apps = 70% decrease in customer care calls on APNs.

- Spanish MVNO

Try Device Guides!

“All MVNOs should be Tweakker enabled”
Glen Jasper, President Ready Wireless

Start fast

Easy to deploy cloud-based integration for all Tweakker solutions.

Device capability data - The missing piece for perfect customer understanding

42% of MVNOs consider better customer understanding the key for business growth. It enables you to increase sales through more precise customer segmentation and better optimized service offering. However, a good subscriber profile alone doesn’t yet reveal to you the hiding upsell opportunities in your subscriber base. 

Just a simple data request straight from the Cloud

Tweakker Device Data provides you with 150+ data points per device and is based on Spirent’s Device Intelligence, the most extensive and reliable device knowledge on today’s market.


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Start fast

Easy to deploy cloud-based integration of all Tweakker solutions.

Pay as you grow

No upfront investments, only monthly pay-as-you-grow pricing provides you with unrivalled cost efficiency.

Introducing up-to-date device detection data and rich device capability information completes the subscriber profile and unlocks fast moving sales opportunities.

MVNO imports a device code (IMEI or TAC) into the Tweakker cloud. Importing is a simple send-process through an API or as a file upload. Upload frequency can be configured.

Based on the imported device code Device Analytics’ engine returns the correct device make-model enriched it the with device capability data. With the Tweakker Cloud, all provided data is always fresh and up-to-date.

The enriched device data is exported into your business intelligence system. If needed, the device data can be mashed up with other subscriber or network data for further data analysis.

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